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Aesthetic services designed to help patients appreciate their natural beauty through treatments designed to enhance skin health and appearance. 


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whiten & brighten

Teeth whitening services. A 60 minute treatment designed to lighten the color of your teeth. 

The whitening treatment involves using dental grade gel to produce maximum whitening results in the shortest possible time. 

Teeth Whitening


Botox injections block certain chemical signals from nerves, mostly signals that cause muscles to contract.

The most common use of these injections is to temporarily relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles in the forehead, between the eyes and around the eyes

You may see results as early as within 24 to 48 hours of injection but results typically become visible in 7 to 14 days after injection, with the maximum effect visible at 21 days. The effects of a neurotoxin injection can last anywhere from 3-4 months.


Smooth Lines & Fill Wrinkles



treats the signs of aging


Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that treats signs of aging, acne scarring, pigmentation, and skin texture. It is an FDA approved procedure for skin rejuvenation. It involves pricking the skin with tiny sterilized needles. The small wounds cause your body to make more collagen and elastin, which heal your skin and help you look younger. You might also hear it called collagen induction therapy.

Microneedling offers a range of benefits, including the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement of skin texture and tone, fading of scars and stretch marks, and increased absorption of skincare products. With its ability to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin, microneedling is a popular choice for those seeking a non-surgical and effective solution to achieve smoother, more radiant skin.


A chemical peel involves the application of a chemical solution to the skin, which causes controlled exfoliation and subsequent regeneration. By removing the outermost layer of damaged and dead skin cells, chemical peels promote the growth of new, healthier skin cells.

This process can lead to a multitude of benefits, including the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement of skin tone and texture, fading of hyperpigmentation and age spots, and the unclogging of pores. Chemical peels are known for their ability to rejuvenate the skin, leaving it looking smoother, more even-toned, and youthful.

Whether targeting specific skin concerns or aiming for an overall skin renewal, chemical peels offer a customizable and effective solution for achieving a fresh and radiant complexion.

skin rejuvination

Chemical Peels 


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is an innovative and natural treatment that utilizes the healing properties of one's own blood to stimulate tissue repair and rejuvenation.

During the procedure, a small amount of blood is drawn and processed to extract the platelet-rich plasma, which is then injected back into the targeted area. PRP contains growth factors and proteins that promote collagen production, improve blood circulation, and enhance the body's natural healing response. This treatment offers a range of benefits, including the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement of skin texture and tone, and the stimulation of hair growth. PRP is a safe and effective option for individuals seeking a non-surgical approach to rejuvenate their skin, promote hair growth, and achieve a more youthful and radiant appearance.


Smooth Lines & Fill Wrinkles

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Begin by having a free consultation to determine what treatments are best suited for you. This can be done over the phone.

You will be asked to fill out a medical history form and provide details of your health care in order to best serve you.

All infusions are provided in a comfortable and private setting or the place of your choice. You will be carefully monitored throughout the infusion.

 All infusions are on a self pay basis. Unfortunately we do not accept any insurance. 

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We Offer Mobile IV Drips!

We’re proud to be a mobile IV Hydration company. Great for pre & post party groups, social gatherings or corporate events. Our mobile services are provided by the same highly-trained professionals as our in-house services.  


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