Everyone’s needs are unique and our goal at Unique Glow Wellness and MedSpa is to help your body achieve optimal function in a safe and effective way providing highest-quality of care to each unique individual through IV hydration.

We strive to provide the best and to exceed our client’s expectations. Our hope is that our client’s leave from Unique Glow feeling their best and satisfied with the care that our amazing has provided. All of our services are delivered by highly trained licensed medical professionals and are intended to assist you in achieving your unique needs.


Julianne Vargas, BSN, RN has over twelve years of nursing experience in the healthcare industry. She graduated from Northampton Community College with her Associate’s Degree and completed her Bachelor’s Degree at Moravian University. Julianne’s background includes Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Forensic Nursing and Medical/Surgical Trauma.

Her vast level of experience across the lifespan has helped master her IV skills, and provide all-around exceptional care. She is committed to educating clients in health promotion and maintenance and after learning about IV infusion Wellness she became passionate about it and knew this was something that she wanted to bring to her community in a more one on one unique experience.

After seeing so much illness, how it affects our bodies and how vital hydration is, Julianne decided to shift her focus to wellness therefore creating Unique Glow Wellness and MedSpa in an effort to help individuals live a healthier life and promote health from the inside out. Julianne’s ultimate goal is to provide health, wellness and beauty to each unique individual.

Julianne Vargas, BSN, RN


I’m Stephanie, a North Jersey native who found my way to the Lehigh Valley area over a year ago. Despite earning a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts focusing on Art History, my journey led me from art galleries to nursing. Now a registered nurse, I’ve explored various facets, from medical-surgical units to aesthetics, blending my artistic eye with healthcare precision.

Beyond my attention to detail, symmetry, and beauty, my goal is simple: I want to be friends with all my clients. I’m excited to meet you, address your needs, and make our appointments feel like hanging out

Stephanie Pathak, RN


 Dr. Laura Purdy stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation. As the esteemed Medical Director of this practice and owner of SWELL Medical PC, it represents a partnership that signifies a pioneering approach to digital health and patient care.

Known affectionately as "America's Favorite Doctor," Dr. Purdy's journey in medicine is marked by an unwavering commitment to accessible, quality healthcare for all. Her expertise spans a broad spectrum of medical disciplines, with a particular focus on leveraging telehealth technologies to bridge gaps in healthcare delivery.

Laura Purdy, MD, MBA


We Offer Mobile IV Drips!

We’re proud to be a mobile IV Hydration company. Great for pre & post party groups, social gatherings or corporate events. Our mobile services are provided by the same highly-trained professionals as our in-house services.  


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